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He puts the 'can' in Canadian.

Jimmy, eh!

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His Mission

"What's that all aboot?". As you can read, Jimmy doesn't shy away from asking the tough questions. Problems are a foreign concept to him; He only sees challenges and will tackle them, headfirst. His mission is to ensure everyone is represented within the company and demand equality for all. Vote Jimmy!

The ultimate measure of Jimmy is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

Wooly Wooly McBaa

Do not get lost in a fokky forest. Jimmy will lead zhe way.

Jo Bonten Jo Bonten


Rapper Sjors Rapper Sjors

If I could’ve voted, I would’ve voted for Jimmy.

Caroline Caroline

This one time Jimmy saved me from a burning car. Jimmy is my hero. Vote Jimmy.

Dotan Dotan

Jimmy is by far THE BEST Canadian I know.

Martijn Martijn

Join us

Have we convinced you to vote for Jimmy? Do you want to support his cause? Make sure you choose him on April 24th.


April 16, 2018

Countless trees fall victim

As things heat up with the campaign trail for the Yoast Employees’ Council ‘18, there has been a sharp increase in the consumption of paper. Did you know that paper is made from trees? And that trees provide us humans with oxygen? So basically, the other candidates are trying to STEAL your oxygen. SAD!

April 16, 2018

Rumors about Jimmy's nationality

Recently, there have been rumors being spread around about the authenticy of Jimmy’s Canadian nationality and how he might actually be German. We would like to point out that this is FAKE NEWS and that Jimmy is, without a shadow of a doubt, definitely not German.

April 12, 2018

Jimmy officially runs as candidate

It’s official! Jimmy is now a candidate for the 2018 Employees’ Council. Make sure to cast your vote on the 24th of April to ensure Jimmy can represent you.